Welcome to the Seattle Group for Police Accountability, or SGPA as we like to call ourselves. We are a political activism group that was born from the community’s need for police accountability.

Our research reveals that the Seattle Police Department (SPD) continually avoids various avenues to hold it accountable and transparent. Nearly every reform idea one may have, has already been attempted and failed by our local police departments. We are no longer tolerating this consistent failure within a system that should be protecting and serving our people.

You have seen the numerous protests, demands, and petitions - and you may be wondering, “how can we as regular people ensure there is real change this time?

That is where SGPA comes in. In a nutshell, we are volunteering our time and skills to continually work through tangible material related to the SPD. Anything and everything (current or future) is on the table: contracts, manuals, documents, legislation. We read and digest this material, call out any concerns or noteworthy information, and organize as needed to demand change. This can take the form of writing our own proposals and presenting it to city council, creating petitions, organizing issue-specific protests, creating email campaigns to reach local representatives, and so much more.

Our mission is to hold SPD accountable for misconduct and ensure they fulfill their expected role in our communities. Their expected role is currently changing, but we understand that police departments will exist to some capacity, and therefore will need community oversight and awareness indefinitely. We want to bridge the gap between regular people who care about changing policing and what’s actually happening within the city of Seattle and all police-related entities.

We hope that you get inspired by the movement and join us.

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