You have seen the numerous protests, demands, and petitions - and you may be wondering, “how can we as regular people ensure there is real change this time?

We hope as a Seattleite, you join us and contribute some of your time to incite actual change within our emergency response system. The following are our current subgroups, that are working together throughout the week, with individuals of all levels of availability. If you can spare even 30 minutes of your day or week to lend a hand, you are more than welcome to join!

Click here to visit our dedicated subgroup page to join a team of volunteers.

Writing | We write and review social media posts highlighting issues, calls to action, petition descriptions, email templates to send to leadership, blog posts, etc.

Policy | We read policy and call out concerns or changes we want to see in these documents. We especially welcome people with legislative and political backgrounds because we want to be educated in our approach and we need our material to be in a language that the legal system will understand.

Outreach | We run various social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and manage calls to action (volunteering, protests, meetings, petitions, etc.).

Research | We scour the internet for relevant material. We need a constant stream of pertinent information (articles, stats, announcements, etc.) to amplify our message and ensure our information is backed by credible data and resources. We read through police contracts, related manuals, documents, legislation, communication - current or future - and call out concerns and necessary changes.

Design | We design flyers that can be handed out at gatherings (protests, meetings, etc.) and social media graphics. We design and maintain our website. To participate in Design work, join the Writing and/or Outreach teams.

Photography | We take pictures of events or gatherings to amplify the movement through our social media and website. To participate in Photography work, join the Outreach team.

Click here to visit our dedicated subgroups page to join a team of volunteers.

This list is far from complete. If you have skills to offer that were not mentioned, don't hesitate to reach out. We can utilize everyone’s talent in this movement.

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