Since the unjust death of George Floyd at the hands of police earlier this year, Black Lives Matter protests have sparked across the United States, resulting in a moment of reckoning for our country.

Rage at racial injustices and demands for systematic change is at the heart of the BLM movement which has led to a call for accountability and change in policing. The reality of this country, which some are just now coming to grips with, is that Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) have long been met with mistreatment at the hands of those meant to protect and serve.

We at the Seattle Group for Police Accountability (SGPA) found that there is work already being done in Seattle to reduce and redistribute the police budget. However, as long as the police department exists in some capacity, it is important for community members to monitor SPD activities and hold them accountable. We also work alongside and fully support other organizations working to defund and/or reduce the need for police officers in our community.

We all should be fighting for our fellow community members who are persecuted and stand together to ensure justice for all - not just a few. Because if one person’s justice is stolen, it stains all of us. We all play a role in protecting Black lives.

Our hope is that the people of Seattle will be able to play a role in the review process of police misconduct, violence, discrimination, etc. The SPD stands on the shoulders of the community’s support and funding. The people as a whole, particularly BIPOC, need a department they can trust to uphold justice and basic human rights. These demands have been seen in protests occurring across the city in support of Black Lives Matter and we strive to carry these values into the fight for Seattle police accountability.

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